Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prited, etc. (for Printing, Printed)

A variety of typos for printed and printing appear in OhioLINK today. There's Prited (seven times), Priting (11), Prnted (17), Prnting (three), Prined (19), and Prining (three). The word prit means "took" in French. Edith Piaf sings, "La blonde et la brune ... L'amour en prit une" in the song Simple Comme Bonjour (Simple as Hello). The latter part translates to: "Love took one." Piaf, for her part, took numerous lovers during her too-short lifetime—one that was perhaps a sorrow to her, but was a joy to the world. I'm not sure who took this picture of Piaf, but it really captures the pathos and panache of the chanteuse as a young child.

P.S. Edith + Edit brings up an unlucky 13 records in OhioLINK, as I discovered to my slight delight when I made this goof myself. It behooves me to say that there's no one who's "edit proof" and there's no one like Edith Piaf!

(The "little sparrow" from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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