Friday, March 21, 2008

Crucifixation (for Crucifixion)

Crucifixation - this error is something of a puzzle. It is unusual enough for a typo to contain an added letter to an otherwise correct word, but adding two letters is unique. It is found in the D section of the Main List of typographical errors in library databases, meaning that it was present between 2 and 7 times in OhioLINK when it was found. Indeed, 4 records with the typo were present in OhioLINK this morning. A search in Google tells us that at least one rock band has deliberately taken the name Crucifixation, so we would urge more caution than usual in evaluating and possibly correcting records with this term. As an aside, we seem to remember reading that the Good in Good Friday was derived from God, but couldn't back that up today in any recognized source.

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