Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Activites* (for Activities)

Typo of the Day for Librarians
Activites* (for Activities)

At least here in Canada, there is currently a lot of snow, which calls for much snow shovelin'. Kids make snowforts and have snowball bouts, and of course where there's an incline, there be sleddin' and tobogganin'. All these
activities burn up calories, which are then satisfied with warm victuals.

This one (Activites) will keep you busy (and out of the snow) for quite some time, for there are some 237 instances in OhioLink. Now, of course, it's not really 237. Limiting to English (for activité in French is a real word) only works if the language is coded correctly. If it isn't, some erroneous correct hits will be included. Also, any correctly coded records that are also bilingual (English/French) will appear. This activity may not burn up as many calories as a snowball fight, but it might tax some brain cells a bit.

These cars have been snowed in for quite some time, but luckily mine is in the garage.

Bonne chance, as we say up here.

This comes from the A list of Typographical Errors in Library Databases—those of highest probability, having more than 100. And it certainly does!

Extracted, for AUTOCAT, from Typo of the Day for Librarians at If you have comments about the words selected, how they are selected, or the way the items are written, please contact Terry Ballard .

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Cary Daniel

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