Thursday, January 22, 2009

Asociat* (for Association, Associate, etc.)

Typo of the Day for Librarians
Asociat* (for Association, Associate, etc.)

Last week the "i" was absent from "Association"; this week it's the "s" that goes AWOL. Interesting acronym AWOL is. Absent without leave is exactly what has happened to the "s". It almost makes the reader think some sort of "asocial" activity is implied. Such is the potential result of typos: varied and gross misunderstanding, not to mention unfindability.

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing examples is:

By Way of Introduction: A Book List for Young People, compiled by a Joint Committee of the American Library Association and the National Education Asociation.

This is the way an association is supposed to work:

Asociat* appears 101 times on OhioLink, just inching it into the highest probablity category in the Typographical Errors in Library Databases.

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Cary Daniel

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