Friday, July 1, 2011

Hourse* (for Horse*, House*, Hours*)

I was sitting in the house, in the wee hours of the morning, watching some fine old horse footage in a Roy Rogers-Dale Evans flick recently with a visiting relative. It was a bit more nostalgic for her than it was for me, since I'm not sure I'd ever actually sat through of one before, either on TV or in the movie theater. But it was kind of interesting. I got to see the "Singing Cowboy" sing, Roy's "pal" Trigger get born, and what the fans obviously saw in Dale. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were married for over fifty years (they managed to have nine children between them, both together and with other people); along with their Palomino horse Trigger and German Shepherd dog, Bullet, the couple appeared in over a hundred cowboy movies, plus the Roy Rogers Show on television. The typo Hourse* (for either Horse*, Hours*, or House*) appears 16 times in OhioLINK. Many more happy trails of this typo are surely to be found in WorldCat as well.

(Publicity photo of Dale Evans for Argentinean Magazine, May 1944, from Wikmedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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