Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31, 2007 - United Stated for United States

There must be 50 ways to misspell "United States" and "United Stated" is only one of them. Not even a spell checker would find this one! On keyboards, the letters "s" and "d" are next to each other, which could lead to mistyping or swapping the letters for "Stated." Another probable cause is "United" ends with "ted" and the word immediately following has a similar character string ending. A typist could easily substitute the ending "tes" in "States" for the just-typed "ted" in "United." No matter what the cause, "United Stated" has a high probability of being a typo in your own online catalog.

Wendee Eyler

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Juan Manuel Grijalvo said...

So the next question is about "Unites States"... UNO, and "pax americana", you know...