Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Secuir*, Secuit* (for Security, etc.)

Videoed on the subway
reading the news and then
walking along the high street
videoed once again
Waiting for a bus in Stockwell
cameras on my back
Suddenly hearing sirens
sounding a panic attack

Hey, hey
Don't ask me how
We've changed
We're all criminals now

Pet Shop Boys
“We're All Criminals Now”

Domestic wiretapping of average Americans in the wake of 9/11. A proposed “Big Brother” database to monitor telephone calls, e-mail, and Internet activity in the UK. Small German towns blocking Google’s efforts to photograph houses for its Street View mapping program. It’s a difficult task to achieve the proper balance between public security and individual privacy in our world today.

Fortunately, it’s not nearly so troublesome to find and correct errors like Secuir* and Secuit*. Both are typos of low probability on the Ballard list, with 2 and 6 entries in OhioLINK, respectively. Most are in transcribed fields.

(Surveillance cameras, from Wikimedia Commons)

Deb Kulczak

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