Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18, 2007 - Resarch

Resarch for Research is a high probability typo. It's a difficult word to spell correctly! Of the 83 hits in OhioLINK, two records had either [sic] or [i.e. Research]--meaning that the author, publisher, or printer had difficulty spelling the word as well. The typo "Resarch" can be found in almost every field of the bibliographic record, doing the most harm in series and corporate body name headings. "Research" is used frequently as a subject subdivision and deserves an investigation in your own catalog.

Wendee Eyler

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Melissa said...

In addition to finding a few records with "resarch" in contents and series fields, I also stumbled upon "resaon" (instead of "reason") in a subject heading. Since I'm just starting to work my way through all these potential typos, I'm not sure if that one's been covered yet...