Friday, March 7, 2008

Catchin' some ZZZ's

zgreat or z-great (for "z Great" or "-- Great")

Today, being Friday, is a good day to catch some Z's at work! The Typo of the Day is another example of forgetting the subfield delimiter in front of the "z" geographic subdivision in subject headings. A search of OhioLINK found a few examples.
Searching as "zgreat" retrieved 3 records, all needing correction:

Stereotypes (Social psychology)zGreat Britain
China -- Relations -- zGreat Britain

Constitutional law zGreat Britain

Searching as "z great" or z-space-great retrieved 784 results--way too many to sift through, even on a Friday--I would be at risk for actually falling asleep. Changing the search key to "z-great" or z-hyphen-great retrieved 3 records--2 needing correction:

Prime ministers z Great Britain -- Biography
Harbors z Great Lakes (North America)

Have a great weekend!

Wendee Eyler

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