Thursday, March 13, 2008

Develope, etc. (for Develop)

The "jackalope" has long been a popular trope among pranksters, developing a variety of different looks along the way. The technical term for this cryptid is Wolpertinger. They usually have the body of a rabbit or other small mammal and what appear to be antlers (believed to be caused by the Shope papilloma virus). While these medical/mythical mysteries may have a "hare" too many appendages, who would have the "hart" to lop them off? However, that's just what you'll need to do to the third e in today's typo, which seems to be taking its cue from words like envelope and antelope. Where discouraging words are seldom heard in OhioLINK, I did find 37 samples of this one. In addition to Develope, you might also want to search for Developes and Developement* (I got 16 and 111 hits, respectively, including some seemingly misspelled French words and some with "[sic]" after them), but be careful when it comes to truncating this typo. Both developed and developer properly include that extra e. (Early drawing of Wolpertinger from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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David Cortesi said...

Found this in a google search for "develope" -- I am proofing a book of essays by Herbert Spencer for project gutenberg and he uses "develope" four times in the course of the book -- intermixed with about 6 uses of "develop" and no obvious difference in the intended meaning.