Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Accc* (for Account, Access, Acceleration, etc.)

This is a fun one (that is, if typos can be fun), for I can't really tell you what accc* is a typo for exactly. While there are many words beginning with "acc", there aren't too many (actually there aren't any) beginning with "accc", that is, unless you search in your catalogues! There are 100 various permutations of "accc*" in OhioLink, which places this on the B list of Typographical errors in library databases. Now some of you will shout out, that 100 puts this word on the A list! Right you are, or would be, were it not for ACCC journal--the journal published by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission!

Most humorous of the 99, is the ironic:

Acccurate solutions, parameter studies, and comparisons for the Euler and potential flow equations / W. Kyle Anderson, John T. Batina.

One would assume, that whoever is looking for this title, might be just a tad more accurate.

From Google Images, a Saturn rocket just beginning its acceleration.

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Cary Daniel

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