Monday, February 9, 2009

Univerist* (for University, Universities, etc.)

Typo of the Day for Librarians
Univerist* (for University, Universities, etc.)

This one is the typo near and dear to my heart, for it's the one I make as a general rule. Many of us work at universities. So one might think this would be a natural, one typed out so many times that it could or should be on "speed dial", if not mental speed dial. If only we could program our brains the way we program our computers. That's just a tad futuristic, even for me. Who knows, in 5, 10, or 15 years, we may be able to do just that.

We aren't there yet, evidenced by the number of times this occurs -- 298 times in OhioLink as a keyword (perhaps this should be a super category unto itself). As it is, you will find this typo on the A list of Typographical errors in library databases.

An image of Heidelberg Universitaet in Germany (from Google Images)

Cary Daniel

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Felicity Pickup said...

Thanks! No matter how often I fix this one it creeps back in.

Also found "universitry."