Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Resistence (for Resistance)

On this day in 1943, Hans and Sophie Scholl were arrested for their resistance activities in Munich, Germany. Up until this time, they had been involved in their anti-Nazi resistance activities for a couple of years. Their resistance group came to be known as Die weisse Rose (The White Rose). The plight and exploits of the Scholls and their fellow resisters have been portrayed in numerous films and plays, as well as books. Although well-known in Germany, the weisse Rose is less so outside its borders; however there are some exceptions.

Resistence (our typo) curiously does not appear on any list of the Typographical Errors in Library Databases. Were it there, however, it would be on the B list (those of high probability), for it appears 60 times in OhioLink and more than 400 times in WorldCat.

Cary Daniel

Image of Hans and Sophie Scholl from Google Images
Information taken from This Day in History

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