Monday, January 18, 2010

Afirca*, Arfica (for Africa*)

We found six cases of Afirca* and one of Arfica (for Africa, African, etc.) in our database files this morning. Our typo for the day was chosen in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King—iconic civil rights leader, political activist, and folk hero to millions of African-Americans and others over the last half a century. Reverend King, whose birthday we celebrate today, embodied all the hope, change, and hope of change (along with all the tragedy) that epitomized the sixties and transformed life as we knew it. I always love seeing the children's art exhibits for Martin Luther King Day in the complex where I work and this year was no exception. (One difference, though, being the bemusing way Barack Obama's "Yes, We Can!" rallying cry would occasionally pop up among the more traditional "I Have a Dream" talk bubbles.) My favorite pieces were the MLK bobblehead doll made out of clay, and a little clothespin-figured shoebox diorama with a sign reading: "When you look at this project you will see Dr. Martin King when he made things fair for everyone." Amen, kid.

(Dr. King and Coretta Scott King, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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My Vibes said...

As a Jamaican of African descent I found your article very interesting. Would love to have seen some of the exhibits...maybe in another blog?