Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apsect* (for Aspect*)

Jonathan Rauch, a correspondent for the National Journal, The Economist, and The Atlantic Monthly, has described himself as being both an introvert (although it seems that Garrison Keillor may have gotten there first with his essay "Shy Rights: Why Not Pretty Soon?") and an apatheist (basically defined as one who isn't really sure whether God exists or not, and doesn't much care either way). Neither of those groups could probably attract enough members to qualify as a sect and I'm pretty sure Rauch (who has also been called "the most formidable and persuasive voice for same-sex marriage" by conservative writer Peter H. Wehner) wouldn't want them to. Apsect* (for aspect*) was found 40 times in OhioLINK and almost 300 times in WorldCat. Although I neither know nor, frankly, care how many of these you may find in your own catalog, I would still suggest you take a look. Typos are kind of like introverted gay agnostics: they're not going to come out by themselves, but with a little prodding from you, they just might see the light.

(Jonathan Rauch, from De Succesvolle Introvert website.)

Carol Reid

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