Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adresses (for Addresses)

Typos of the word "address" were addressed several times last February, so we'll make it a February tradition. This is found on the B list at the main compilation of library OPAC typographical errors at http://faculty.quinnipiac.edu/libraries/tballard/typoscomplete.html, meaning that the error was found in the OhioLINK catalog at least 16 times, but no more than 99. Checking this morning, we found more than 100 hits in OhioLINK but quickly noticed a number of non-English titles. Limiting to English, we got the count down to 66 and then noticed that a number of the titles were pre-1920. This made us suspect that the spelling used to be valid, so we limited again to titles after 1930. The likely typos now numbered 18. If you truncate to adress* using the same limits, the count climbs to more than 50, so this is worth checking out in your library.

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