Friday, February 8, 2008

English Enlightenment

Englig* (for English* and Enlighten*)

“Englig” is a high probability typo that will lead you to Enlightenment! Variations of typos I found in OhioLINK are: Englightenment, Engligh, and Englighment. "English enlightenment" is not a subject heading but could be a topic of interest to catalog users. I entered keyword searches for "english englig*" (found 3 hits) and "englig* enlightenment" (found 20 hits). Hits found with typos in the search are an indication that your users may not find all records associated with the correct spelling of the words in the search key. (BTW, in my own catalog, I found 1 hit under " Englig*"--the "Englig" was [sic]. Whew!) What's in your catalog?

Wendee Eyler

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