Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Partnerhip* (for Partnership)

With a lucky seven occasions in OhioLINK, Partnerhip sounds like the sort of spaced-out speller we might've once counted ourselves fortunate to be joined at the hip to. OhioLINK also gives us a hit of Prtner*, four of Partener*, and three of Partnersip. Two was company, but three or more was a countercultural affair for those who sipped from that cup during the 1960s, although hippies apparently go back a lot further than that. Pictured here, circa 1887, are two very hip partners, Fidus—"perhaps the greatest psychedelic artist ever"—and his teacher Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. (From the website Hippie Roots & the Perennial Subculture.)

Carol Reid

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