Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fedral* (for Federal*)

I once knew a well-fed little boy who dressed up as the Food Pyramid for Halloween. He was terribly good at eating his fruits and vegetables (always picking strawberry when it came time for ice cream) and I suspect he would have approved the idea of arranging the pyramid by color (in much the same way that some people think library collections should be). Such a concept might actually work, in fact, if only folks weren't quite so inclined to cheat on their diets: let's call it the "Green Eggs and Ham Defense" or the "Ketchup Is a Vegetable Loophole." I've read that dinnerware ideally ought to be white in order not to detract too much from the meal itself. Meanwhile, your food should be as variegated as possible. I found 13 cases of Fedral* in OhioLINK today, so please check your records (federal or otherwise) and clean your plate by correcting this colorful typo.

(Farbfächer RAL-K5, from Wikimedia Commons. RAL is a color matching system used in Europe.)

Carol Reid

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