Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Accesor* (for Accessor*)

While I'm no fashionista, I know the right accessories (not accesories) can make an outfit, whether it's gold cuff links and a Mickey Mouse tie for a man, or a diamond necklace and a peacock feather fascinator for a woman.

So, where's a fashionable gal or guy to get some marvelous jewellery? I wouldn't recommend buying your diamond-encrusted watches from a guy off the street, or you may wind up being an accessory to a crime. And of course, a criminal record can deny you access (not acces) to the kinds of fancy balls where you might show off your accessories.

Accesor* is a moderate probability typo on the Ballard list. Watch out also for acess*, and make sure to count your Cs and Ss!

(Cartoon from

Leanne Olson

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