Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Secruit* (for Securit*)

In the 1940 screwball comedy The Bank Dick, W.C. Fields plays Egbert Sousé, an inadvertent security guard who's accorded the post after he accidentally trips up a bank robber. Fields also wrote the screenplay for the film, under the equally screwy nom de plume Mahatma Kane Jeeves—which is, of course, to say, "My hat, my cane, Jeeves" in a fanciful nod to Mohandas Gandhi and P.G. Wodehouse. One imagines that at the end of the day the befuddled Bank Dick might have been ready to say "Screw it!" and add bankers, brokers, embezzlers, and auditors to his list of personal anathemas (one that famously included dogs, women, and children). Somehow or other, though, it all ends happily for the thoroughly soused Sousé. We found five cases of Secruit* in OhioLINK, so let's get on the case pronto. Holes like this need to be plugged up immediately, and I don't just mean with a shot of whiskey and a cigar!

(Promotional poster for The Bank Dick, from Wikipedia.)

Carol Reid

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