Monday, August 30, 2010

Econim* (for Economy, Economic, etc.)

The global economic crisis has had far-reaching effects on our society. The language we speak is just one example. The Guardian reported last week that among the newcomers to the Oxford Dictionary of English are “toxic debt” and “staycation.” The latter term refers to a vacation spent in one’s home country, or even at one’s own home. While some folks have always done this, either from personal preference or because of their financial situation, the fact that there’s now a special term implies a critical mass of people who can’t afford to go away on holiday.

Econim* is a high-probability typo on the Ballard list. There are 17 OhioLINK instances of “econimic(s)” and “econimies” sprinkled throughout English-language title fields, notes, publisher statements, and subject headings. An additional 7 are for the French, Italian, and Spanish equivalents. But if you’re on staycation, please refrain from checking your catalog until you get back to work!

(Wouldn't this be a nice staycation retreat? Patio by scottsnyde
, from stock.xchng)

Deb Kulczak

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