Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cutural* (for Cultural*)

Like me, many of you work in the cultural field (my library is actually under the aegis of something called the "Office of Cultural Education") and, if so, you're probably suffering from massive budget cuts as well. We were recently advised not to call ourselves a "library of record" or "backup library" anymore. Nor should we consider ourselves "collection-based," but rather, well, let's just say "service-oriented" instead. I feel sorry for writers who've had their books published during the past few years because we probably weren't able to buy them (it's nothing personal!) and most likely never will. The only lasting testament to this fact will be a large lacuna in our catalog for the lean years in question. Cutural* turns up 20 times or more in OhioLINK, so let's cut the cr--, I mean typo, from our own library of records, and hold onto a bit of culture while we still can.

(Ribbon cutting ceremony at a local branch library that was recently renovated, from the Albany Public Library website.)

Carol Reid

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