Monday, September 6, 2010

Penisula* (for Peninsula*)

I don't much feel like working today, and when it comes to today's typo in particular, I pretty much feel like nothing more needs to be said. To elaborate would be to belabor the point, to gild the lily, to erect a house of cards when a poker face is what's needed. Nevertheless, I'm going to plunge ahead here and state the painfully obvious. Some peninsulas are more penis-shaped than others, but all of them meet the fundamental requirement for a phallic symbol—something longer than it is wide. The word peninsula comes from the Latin paene meaning "almost" and ─źnsula meaning "island." No man is an island, but there are times when one can almost feel that way. We got a sizable number of hits in OhioLINK on this typo, two dozen to be exact. I'll spare you any more penis puns if you'll spare your own catalog this seminal misspelling. (It will be hard to let go of, I know, but you'll feel much better after you do.)

(The peninsula near castle Duino, Trieste, Italy, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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