Friday, July 10, 2009

Dimention* (for Dimension*)

As children learning to spell we’re so often reminded to look for a “tion” even when a word sounds like it should end in shun. So it’s not surprising that we might make a typing error in the opposite direction, assuming a tion when there is none.

This is the case with Dimention*, a typo of high probability on the Ballard list, that should be spelled Dimension*.

Looking at a video of a “simple rotation” of a four-dimensional object hurts my mind a little:

All the better to make typing errors, I suppose…perhaps I should take the afternoon off to rest up?

While we can’t go back through time (often referred to as the fourth dimension) to fix our typing errors, we can fix them after the fact, with a quick catalogue search.

Leanne Olson

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Catherine L. said...

The animation hurt my mind a little, too. But, it was still cool looking :)