Monday, July 13, 2009

Stateg* (for Strategy, etc.)

Eggs are rarely static, what with falling out of nests, rolling down the White House lawn, descending Fallopian tubes, and frying, scrambling, or poaching in hot oil or boiling water. It's an eggsistential question, of course—nothing ever stays the same for long. But when ovum leave home, it can be a precipitous decline. Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall. Kitchen eggs are smacked against pans and bowls. Being cracked, in fact, is what eggs are all about: someone's either trying to get into them or out. On the other hand, certain Ukrainian practitioners paint, polish, and preserve their Easter eggs for posterity. And I recently read that for your body to make use of the good cholesterol in an egg, the yolk should remain intact while cooking. However you take your eggs, enjoy. Or as Burgess Meredith says to Merle Oberon in the Ernst Lubitsch movie That Uncertain Feeling: "Egeshegera!" (Actually spelled egészségére, it means "Cheers!" in Hungarian.) There are 123 eggsamples of Stateg* in OhioLINK, most of which are typos for strategy, strategies, and strategic. Do you have room for one more pun? Eggsit stage right...

Carol Reid

(Wild bird's egg photo by Kim Pardi, June 21, 2005, from flickr.)

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