Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Studnet* (for Student*)

Studnet* sounds a bit like an online porn site, and one that students probably shouldn't be looking at in school. In fact, many school districts employ crude "censorware" to try and make sure that they don't. Or at least that's the hope. However, this widely discredited filtering software famously fails to pick up pornography, while at the same time blocking websites about breast cancer and other legitimate topics—along with, absurdly enough, such search terms as "Middlesex," "Beaver College," and the surname "Cockburn." OhioLINK returned nine hits on our typo today. Notably, one of them appeared in the chapter title of the 2008 book Education, edited by Robert Winters: "Schools cannot deny studnets basic civil rigths: Case overview, Tinker v. Des Moines (1969): The court's decison, students do have free speech and other basic rights," by Abe Fortas. Minus those three [!] typos, my sentiments exactly!

(Photo from the website Hot Guys Reading Books.)

Carol Reid

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