Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Englsnd (for England)

Typing an "s" for "a" (as found in "Englsnd" for England) is common and makes a dandy typographical error. The mistyping of "a" for "s" also makes "Englsnd" a word containing six consonants in a row.

Today's quiz and KEY question: What word (spelled correctly!) contains six consonants in a row?

Clue: If you look closely, the answer is in today's blog picture of a wood latch, knob, and latchstring on an old New England door.

Wendee Eyler
Don't Peek! Today's answer is latchstring but from the responses to yesterday's post for "eerie," I wouldn't be surprised that additional correct answers are possible.

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Orangeaurochs said...

Catchphrase and Knightsbridge (although a proper noun) both have six consonants in a row. I would like to think I thought these up rather than Googling them, but I didn't.