Monday, June 23, 2008

Wierd (for Weird)

Ohmygosh. Another "i before e except after c" word! Weird looks strange, spelled as "wierd" (wrong) or "weird" (right). Correcting typos can get rather mundane. This week I'm trying something new--a daily question to test your skills with words and spelling while you are correcting typos and our colleagues are off to ALA in Anaheim.

Today's question: What five-letter word has only one consonant?

Clue: Today's word is weird (note picture of Weird Al Yankovic in blog entry). "Weird Al" has a nice ring to it--better than "Odd Al" or "
Creepy Al" or "Uncanny Al," etc.).

See answer below my signature. Enjoy!

Wendee Eyler
Don't peek! The answer is eerie for today!

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Unknown said...

what about 'queue'?