Thursday, June 26, 2008

iinf* (for inf*, information, etc.)

The problem with today's typo (iinf* for inf*) is the repetition of the letter "i" (Aye Aye!) at the beginning of the word. A recent check of OhioLINK retrieved 12 entries with the search key "iinf*"--but be on the lookout for acronyms, such as "IINfancia." Watch for misspellings of information, infrared, influence, informal, infirmary.

Question: What word contains the same vowel repeated six times?

Clue: Today's photo is from the TV show "McHale's Navy" with the caption "Aye Aye!!" Don't these guys always stick together?!

Wendee Eyler
Don't PEEK! The answer today is indivisibility and not one of those words used every day.

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