Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Educaa* (for Educate, Education, etc.)

Have you heard about the fifth grader in Stuarts Draft, Virginia who’s taking on the Augusta County school board over its ban on lip balm? Chapstick’s been deemed a public health threat because elementary students and pre-kindergarteners occupy the same buildings, and the kiddies might share.  As reported in USA Today, school officials don’t view it as a big deal because “kids can get their doctors to permit nurses to apply Chapstick in the office, or parents can come in to administer it themselves.” But really, wouldn’t this be a good opportunity for teachers to, say, educate their students about the dangers instead?

Educaa*, unlike Chapstick, poses a low risk. There are 3 entries in OhioLINK and 90 English-language results in WorldCat.

(Chapstick, from Wikimedia Commons)

Deb Kulczak

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SusanF said...

I really enjoy your blog. As the mother of a librarian, I want you to know I appreciate the work you do. And this is fun and informative.

May I just say, you're absolutely right about educating in healthful practices rather than banning lip balm. Frivolous. Thank you for this, I had no idea.