Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Educai* (for Education, etc.)

Marriage to Dylan Thomas was a real education for dancer Caitlin MacNamara, who wed the Welsh poet in 1937. It was for the most part a sad and sodden affair, persisting until Dylan's death in 1953. Having authored several memoirs, including Leftover Life to Kill, she is currently at the center of a couple of British biopics, The Edge of Love and a work in production called Caitlin (which may or may not get released). Another film about the Thomases, dubbed Dylan, is due out later this year. There are 70 examples of Educai* in OhioLINK, making it a typo of "high probability" on the Ballard list.

(Dylan and Caitlin, from DylanThomas.com.)

Carol Reid

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