Friday, July 31, 2009

Screenpaly* (for Screenplay*)


The LIBRARIAN sits at a reference desk. A STUDENT approaches the desk, looking frantic.

I have to write a screenplay for class tomorrow! Why does the library have no books about screenplays?? I searched the catalogue several times.

The LIBRARIAN, perplexed, searches the catalogue for “screenplay*”. She finds nothing.

See? I’m DOOMED!!!!

How very strange…I could have sworn we had several…wait, let me try this!

The LIBRARIAN has remembered the author of a particular book about screenplays. She types in his name and searches. A record is retrieved.

Oh, I see the issue! When we were cataloguing this, we misspelled "screenplay" as "screenpaly". In fact, browsing by class number, I can see we have MANY books about screenplays with this misspelling! Go to PN1996 and you will find them.

Thank you so much! You’ve saved my life. I just got a new dog and I’m so grateful that I’ll name him LIBRARIAN, after you!

Leanne Olson

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Felicity Pickup said...

Didn't find this one chez nous, but did find 11 of SCREEPLAY.