Thursday, November 25, 2010

Footbal, Footall, Footaball (for Football)

Very few folks say "Fooey" when it comes to Thanksgiving, a holiday that is equal parts food and football in most American households. (If football isn't your game, however, movies about football might be a good substitute.) While the ballplayers on the right look positively underfed compared to today's pigskin passers, that's only because they didn't partake in extra helpings of anabolic steroids back in those days. We found one sample each of Footbal, Footall, and Footaball (hike!) in OhioLINK this morning. Be a team player and toss these typos out of your catalog as soon as you get back to work on Monday.

(Unknown early American football team, circa 1895-1910, originally published by the Detroit Publishing Company, from the Library of Congress.)

Carol Reid

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