Monday, May 12, 2008

Guatamala (for Guatemala)

Guatamala (for Guatemala)Jeffrey Beall from the University of Colorado Denver and a member of the Libtypos group has selected five words from his list of the ten original typos he used when he created the "Dirty Database Test" back in 1991. This was the true beginning for finding and correcting typographical errors in online catalogs. He supplied many of the photos to accompany the blog entries for this week. The typo "Guatamala" is interesting because the cause is most likely faulty spelling rather than a finger blunder. For many American English speakers there is such a subtle distinction for the pronunciation of the "e" in Guat-e-mala that some assume the correct letter is "a." Most library catalogs have a high probability of this typo.

Today's entry includes a gorgeous picture of the Volcan de Agua and the Santa Catalina convent arch in Antigua, Guatemala.

Wendee Eyler

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