Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recieve (for Receive)

Recieve (for Receive)

Surprisingly, the typo "Recieve" retrieved only 9 hits in OhioLINK. Truncating the typo as "Reciev*" found 60 results. Truncating even more to "Recie" retrieved over a hundred results. I was curious to see if any American English words actually begin with "Recie." Using online sources and my own hardbound copy of American Heritage Dictionary, I found only one "Recie" entry--the acronym RECIEL, which stands for "Review of European Community and International Environmental Law."

I was curious to see what accompanying picture Jeffrey would supply for "Recieve" … ah! … 'Tis better to give than to receive. Today's picture (from Flickr) is titled "Christmas Gifts Arriving Early," showing a street scene from Manhattan with packages arriving just in time to give and receive.

Wendee Eyler

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