Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seperate (for Separate)

Seperate (for Separate)

I have a 50/50 chance of spelling Separate as "Seperate." I've come up with a chant for myself to help decide how to spell it: "the a's separate the e's." Another [that I often forget] is: there's "a rat" in separate. Rote memorization isn't working for me. I can console myself in that I am not alone. Library catalogs have a high probability of this typo. A recent check of OhioLINK had 61 entries for "Seperate"--with many of the titles showing "… seperate [sic]" especially for the 17th and 18th century titles on microfilm. This particular typo has been around for centuries and will persist far into the future. Be sure to try truncating the typo as "Seperat*" to find dozens more typos!

Jeffrey's selection for the picture to accompany "Seperate" is so cool!

The caption for this photo found on Flickr is "Siamese Bread Twins - Separated." This is an idea from a Delhaize supermarket: white bread and whole-grain baked into one loaf. Easy to separate, very tasty, and organic, too.

Wendee Eyler

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Jack said...

Forget "rat mnemonics". Separate means to divide into pARts, not perts.