Monday, July 7, 2008

Anahiem (for Anaheim)

"Disneyland is a people trap run by a mouse." We tried in vain to find the wag who first came up with this quote, so we will just have to salute you, whoever you are. In any case, Anaheim is a company town as much as Hershey, Pennsylvania, and big enough to survive the surge of 20,000 librarians arriving for the American Library Association convention last week. We found this city to be much more conference-friendly than its Florida counterpart because most of the main conference hotels are within a mile of the convention center and the main Disney gates. This inverted letter typo is found on the D, or Low Probability, list at Typographical Errors in Library Databases - found on the web at As always, the most accurate predictor of a typo is the count in WorldCat. This morning there were only 12 Anahiems, so the real probability is even lower than our listing would suggest.

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