Friday, May 14, 2010

Comunity, Comunities (for Community, Communities)

The roses red upon my neighbor's vine
Are owned by him, but they are also mine.
His was the cost, and his the labor, too,
But mine as well as his the joy,
Their loveliness to view...

(Poem by Abraham Gruber, which I found hand-copied into a notebook of my grandfather's from the 1920s.)

It's spring planting time and community gardens are terrific places to do just that. My own community has nearly fifty of these verdant little havens of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, popping up in vacant lots and city parks, each uniquely charming and abuzz with the birds and the bees. Comunity (for community) had sprung up 22 times in OhioLINK at last visit, and Comunities seven. Join with your neighbors and promptly weed these typos from your catalogs.

(Photo taken by participant/team Corn Fed Chicks as part of the Commons:Wikis Take Manhattan project on October 4, 2008.)

Carol Reid

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