Monday, May 24, 2010

Dialy (for Daily)

This typo blog is one I try to check daily. Apparently, that can be easier to do than spell. Watch out for this typo, which involves a reversal of the a and the i (similar to a previous entry, Diary/Dairy). This typo appears only 7 times in the OhioLINK catalog, primarily in summary notes, and 101 times in OCLC.

Also be careful if you're actually trying to type dialysis, that you don't mix the letters up the other way. Dialysis may be done daily, or only a few days a week. There's no other connection, though.

Liz Bodian
Chicago Public Library

Image of the Daley most Chicagoans are used to, Mayor Richard M. Daley , from Wikimedia Commons.

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