Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dalai Llama (for Dalai Lama)

I wonder if the Dalai Llama might be a cousin of our other animal friend, Salmon Rushdie?

Now, for this post I could write about the important work the Dalai Lama XIV has done…or I could share with you some trivia about llamas.

Llamas are, like the man himself, usually gentle creatures. However, when overloaded, they will lie down, spit, hiss, and kick. And since they weight around 250 pounds (113 kg), they can kick HARD.

Llamas have a gestational period of 11 months, which sounds like a long time until you consider the elephant (18-22 months). The llama, like the alpaca, does not exist in the wild—they were possibly bred from guanacos during the time of the Inca civilization.

Leanne Olson

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