Monday, March 26, 2012

Organzat* (for Organizat*)

Do you have a difficult time throwing things out, or even organizing the stuff you do want to keep? Me too. I suppose many people do. We're sentimental creatures at heart and often a bit scattered to boot. On the other hand, I often wonder about photographs like this one, tucked away in antique stores, resurfacing in garage sales, unmoored from their natural origins. Did the figures seen in such photos have no living relatives to save and cherish such mementos? Or are some people actually able to freely part with items like this for the sake of an "uncluttered" space? Some of the "useless" junk taking up room in people's attics includes childhood books and toys, clothes that no longer fit them, old broken appliances, and specialty items like one's wedding dress and veil. Organza is is a "thin, plain-weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk," according to Wikipedia, and often "used for bridalwear and eveningwear." No matter how organized I might magically become some day, I doubt I would ever take the veil, as it were, to the dump. I might need my space, but I need the things that are in my space more. Declutter your catalog today by dumping this typo wherever you find it. There were 21 of these in OhioLINK and 372 in WorldCat.

(Beach at Sandgate, Brisbane, circa 1907 ... The woman is wearing a large hat decorated with flowers and an organza veil covering her face ... from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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