Monday, April 23, 2012

Effice* (for Efficie*)

Spring is currently upon us and, the potential for a surprise late season storm notwithstanding, it seems as if we may have dodged a snowball this year. No mountainous drifts to shovel off the steps and driveway, no slipping and sliding as we tentatively try and walk down the street, no whipping winds or effing ice to threaten our footing and rooftops. Other than a rather glacial patience and some salty compounds to sprinkle around when the usual tools aren't doing the job, there's really no terribly efficient way to get rid of ice. You might as well just sit inside with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy Jack Frost's frigid handiwork. We uncovered 43 cases of Effice* in OhioLINK today (three were correctly spelled examples of the Latin word for do) and a blizzardy 1,007 in WorldCat. Chip away at your own typo formations today while dreaming of the winter that wasn't.

(German icicles, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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