Monday, May 14, 2012

Contst* (for a variety of words)

There are 15 cases of Contst* in OhioLINK this morning, and 259 in WorldCat. Only one of them, though, is for the word contest* since it seems that today's typo covers quite a bit of ground. As did the Albany Times Union's "Bulbs and Blooms" contest, in which—though I didn't win a prize—I did merit a shout-out and my picture in the paper (or as a friend calls it, an "amused mention"). I happen to have a large collection of "international" trolls dressed in traditional costumes, and when I saw the contest announcement (prizes awarded for the most "creative, humorous [!] or beautiful" photos), I figured I'd set my grinning little Dutch doll down amid the tulips in Washington Park and see what developed. (My new favorite Dutch word is gezellig, a state of mind that to me this picture clearly evokes.) The results came on the heels of Albany's annual Tulip Festival, which was graced with a dollop of gorgeous weather this weekend, along with some plucky but drooping blooms. Note that today's truncated typo represents quite a variety as well, including: Contstitut*, Contstruct*, Contstru*, Contstraint*, Contstant*, and last but not least, Contstantinople, the novelty song about which I coincidentally found myself singing in the car yesterday on the way to visit my mother!

(Foto door mij.)

Carol Reid

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