Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15, 2007 - Gainsville

It's the home of the University of Florida : Gainesville, not Gainsville. Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia have one Gainesville each. New York is blessed with two - one is a town and one is a village. In any case, leave out the "e" and get a Section C Moderate Probability typo.

(Gainesville, Florida, ca. 1900, courtesy of the Chester Historical Society, Chester, New York.)

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I'm surprised that "Typo of the day for librarians" post of August 15, 2007 - "Gainsville" repeated the error, unchallenged, of in his "Gainesville around 1900" posting at by not properly attributing the photo to its published source:,151, where one can find the associated metadata.

Overall, nice blog!

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