Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24, 2007 - Acadam*

In a bit of of ivy-covered irony, Acadam* (registering 52 times in OhioLINK) is in the "high probability" class of typographical errors. While its pronunciation tends to militate against the misspelling of academic, there's no similar hedge when it comes to mistaking Acadamy for academy. Google searches on the right and wrong spellings of this word returned results in about a 70 to 1 ratio. The Ballard list also includes Adadem*, a typo of "highest probability," along with the less frequently occuring Academc*, Academeic*, Academay, and Academey. Now, how about taking a study break with some excellent nuts that deserve all of their A's? (Pictured are a bunch of promising young macadamias ripening on the bough.)

Carol Reid

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