Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gentic* (for Genetic, etc.)

I absolutely dread going to the dentist, and now it seems I might have a scientific reason for my pre-appointment anxiety. You see, I’m a redhead, and according to the New York Times “Well” blog, the latest research shows that many of us have a genetic mutation affecting our sensitivity to pain. Redheads often need larger doses of general anesthesia, and they can be resistant to Novocaine and other painkilling drugs used by dentists. As a group, we’re twice as likely as people with other hair colors to avoid dental care altogether.

Gentic* is moderate-probability typo with 12 hits in the OhioLINK database, although one is a valid entry for “Genticorum.” Take a look, and you might just find some of these painful errors in your own catalog.

Incidentally, my dentist is a great guy. He even has a sign in the waiting room announcing “We cater to cowards!”

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Deb Kulczak

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