Friday, October 22, 2010

Lanscap*, etc. (for Landscap*)

In a nice confluence of the digital revolution (in which "everyone is a photographer now," according to a coworker) and the economic depression (in which cultural institutions can barely afford to stay open anymore, much less spend money on new exhibits), the New York State Museum has exhibited some creative juice of its own in its latest installation, Not Just Another Pretty Place: The Landscape of New York. This is the "first exhibition of landscape art to be completely culled from the State Museum’s vast collections." As a corollary, it has also invited members of the public to submit their outdoor snapshots, vacation photos, and other pictures of New York State for display in the museum. This initiative, called Wish You Were Here, has been a smashing success and these wonderful images are now available for viewing on Flickr. We found 21 cases of Lanscap*, six of Landcap*, four of Landsap*, and one of Landcsap* all littering the landscape in OhioLINK this morning.

(Photograph of the Olana Mansion, Columbia County, New York, home of Frederick Church, father of the "Hudson River School" of landscape painting, by Rolf Müller, June 2007, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Carol Reid

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