Friday, January 20, 2012

Interpretatacion* Interpretataion* Interpretatation* Interpretationan* Interpretatoi* Interpretatt* Interpersoa* Interpre0* Interpretataion*...

...Interpretationan* Interpretatoi* Interpretatt* Interpritation* for Interpretation and interpret

The above are from a couple of different areas of the Ballard List of misspelled words in online library catalogs. Evidently there are a lot of ways to misspell and mistype today's word. It sort of reminds me of how my documents would look if I couldn’t instantly correct my typos when pounding too adamantly on the keyboard. (I went through a lot of Wite-Out back in the day.) Sometimes I feel like Porky Pig has taken possession of my hands – I just keep typing and I just keep hitting the wrong keys. Since it’s Friday, and this my first week of writing for this blog, I would like to share my favorite Porky Pig moment. I haven’t passed this by the people in charge, so I hope don’t get in too much trouble. But I suppose I should warn you that it’s rated PG. Here it is.

(The photo of Mr. Pig is from Wikipedia.)

Brian Dahlvig

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