Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mineapolis (for Minneapolis)

There was a previous entry on this blog about Mineapolis and how it is a High Probability error. I’m sure it’s still that way, lo! these four and a half years later. While there are several US cities with that name, I would like to briefly discuss the one in Minnesota (which, by the way, has a Moderate Probability of being misspelled as Minesota*). It’s January right now, so much of the country figures I have plenty of time to write these entries because it’s so cold and there’s so much snow I haven’t left my house since Christmas. Well, alright, fine, we are having a cold snap right now...and yes, it just happens to be snowing, but many people don’t realize that we get pretty darn hot, too. The record low for our state is -41 F (1888), but the record high is 106 F (1936). Granted those are the records for the entire state, but nevertheless, during any 365-day cycle, the fine citizens of Minneapolis experience a temperature range of over 125 degrees. And that is why clothiers love us so much—we have to buy a lot of clothes.

(125 degree temperature swing and the Mississippi flows right though the middle of it! Photo from Wikimedia Commons.)

Brian Dahlvig

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